Top 10 Best Cordless Soldering Irons 2023-By Experts

If your soldering work requires mobility, then these best cordless soldering iron in 2023 will give you the ability to work without any wires to disrupt the general flow.

We have included both battery-controlled and butane alternatives to consider individual inclinations on fuel type, alongside models reasonable for specialists and experts.

Continuously adhere to all the producer’s security guidelines in the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Australia, United States, India, and other countries. I have compared operational, value, design, heating, quality, and reviews to develop this list of the top 10 best cordless soldering irons 2023.

So Here Is The List of Top 10 best Wireless Soldering Irons For The Money

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Table Of Best Cordless Soldering Iron 2023

S.No Soldering Iron Score Check Price


desoldering tool




TS100 Soldering Iron

UY CHAN Upgraded Original TS100




LEXIVON Cordless Soldering iron

cordless soldering guns



Weller Cordless soldering iron

Weller cordless soldering iron




Tooluxe 40420L

Tooluxe cordless soldering iron

‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź¬†

Portasol Gas soldering iron

Best gas soldering iron


Hakko FX-901

best battery soldering iron




M12 Cordless soldering iron

rechargeable cordless soldering iron




Weller BL60MP

Battery Powered soldering Iron

‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź

Weller P2C Professional

butane soldering torch



Table Of Best cordless Soldering Iron 2023

Reviews Best Portable Soldering Irons 2023

1. POWER PROBE Butane Soldering Kit

Score: 4.7 out of 5 (‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź‚≠ź )

desoldering tool

Here we have the top best cordless soldering iron for Soldering, Heat Shrink Wrapping, Cutting wire and other plastics, Brazing, Splicing, and electronics. If your job as a professional is to work on and make repairs to electronics or you are a hobbyist that enjoys doing your circuit board job yourself or any other, you will find the Power Probe butane soldering iron very useful.

This soldering iron is powered by organic butane gas. It emits an electronic flame and comes with an ignition.

You can regulate the ignition flame between ¬Ĺ inch to 2¬Ĺ inches. Gas Iron will stop emitting the electronic flame when its tank used for storing butane is empty. When the tank becomes empty, you can reload it with butane easily.

The process of refilling the iron tank with butane is quite easy. And once a refill is complete, you can work for up to 2 hours without needing another refill.

From Heat Shrink Wrapping to Brazing to Splicing to Cutting wire and plastics and much more, this iron will be a marvelous choice for your work.

POWER PROBE Butane Soldering Kit includes following tools:

  • hot point
  • Wrenches
  • A hot knife
  • A hard carry case
  • Soldering iron tip
  • Heat Shrink shield
  • A roll of Rosin solder
  • Sponge for tip cleaning

If you are a starter with soldering irons and soldering guns, I would not suggest this product. This is on the grounds that the warmth implied for Heat Shrink Tubing can singe your fingers. So I would highly recommend your best soldering iron electronic 2023.


  • Durable and solid body build
  • Excellent for Heat Shrink Tube
  • Auto ignitor and adjustable output regulation feature
  • The product is portable
  • Heat rapidly


  • Soldering iron stand missing
  • Requires expertise in operating
  • The iron tank does not indicate gas levels

2. UY CHAN Upgraded Original TS100 Digital Soldering Iron.

Score: 4.6 out of 5 (‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź‚≠ź )

TS100 soldering iron
UY CHAN Upgraded Original TS100 soldering station

UY Chan TS100 soldering iron is matchless in portability, performance, and efficiency. The soldering iron is powered by a 4S battery and an XT60 cable, making it simple to take out for field servicing only that the battery and cable do not come to the soldering station.

It comes in a very compact and convenient size fitting for repairs of any kind in whatever condition both for DIY hobbyists and experts alike.

This cordless soldering iron allows you to reprogram it. You can reset the temperature rising curves and custom functions by connecting it to a computer system.

As a newbie, you would enjoy using this portable soldering iron due to its rapid heating capacity, sleeping mode, and automatic over-heating warning.

You can power this ts100 soldering iron with different sources like a power bank, vehicle power, or a 12-24V power source. This item is the best illustration of a digital cordless soldering iron.

The soldering iron station includes a soldering handle, BC2 Tip, US standard power supply, and a soldering stand.

This best ts100 cordless Soldering iron includes the following tools:

  • BC2 Tip
  • Soldering Stand
  • Soldering Handle, and
  • US standard power supply

 I would recommend this for all your needs.


  • The tool is easy to use and has many functions
  • Great and handy product
  • Re-programmable
  • Control over temperature
  • Small digital screen show temperature
  • Great quality product


  • ¬†Does not come with a battery and cable
  • programming required expertise

3. LEXIVON Butane Cordless Soldering Iron

Score: 4.4 out of 5 (‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź‚≠ź )

cordless soldering guns
Cordless Soldering Iron

The LEXIVON multipurpose Soldering Iron Kit is also one of the Best Portable Soldering Iron 2023 for electronics. If you are looking for a workable and suitable soldering kit for your soldering needs, then this product from LEXIVON would be a great choice.

As the best soldering iron for professionals, this product can be depended on to fulfill tasks ranging from wire soldering to jewelry making to plastic cutting to decorative wood burning.

Its advanced electronic auto-ignition set-off allows for easy start-up and makes starting the soldering torch 100 percent easy.

This LEXIVON is the handiest. It does not have long, frustrating cords. You can take and use this product anywhere as it is 100% wire-free.

This tool passes out up to 1315 C to make it one of the best butane soldering iron in the USA.

You can easily refill the large  gas-tight tank within few seconds and that refill can keep you working for up to 75 minutes

One of the drawbacks of this product is that the vent holes at the tip emit flames and if you are not careful, you may burn up materials around the piece you are working on.

This multipurpose kit comes with the following components:

  • Tin
  • Wrenches
  • Butane Torch
  • Deflector Tip
  • Cleaning Sponge¬†
  • 1 Soldering Kit that comes with Solder
  • 6 Handy Tips for Soldering, Cutting, Shaping, Hot Air, Wide Blower,


  • Safety features are first class 
  • Comfortable handgrip while working 
  • Great quality
  • Well designed torch


  • Vent holes at solder tip
  • Does not hold much gas

4. Weller P2KC Butane Soldering Kit

Score: 4.7 out of 5 (‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź‚≠ź )

Weller cordless soldering iron
Weller P2KC

This is an extremely nice, well-thought-out best cordless soldering iron 2023. You can use this for all small soldering jobs as well as for small electrical soldering tasks. The exhaust port on its tip also works well for heating contract tubing.

The best thing is that it comes up to heat very quickly, with no long spool-up time as with electrics. Conversely, it cools off quickly as well. Easy to replace the tip.

It has a heat-resistant cap, so you can toss it in your toolbox without having to wait a long to cool off.

There is a gas flow control, but no exact temperature control, so it still won’t replace a decent soldering station. However, for quick work in the field and small fixes, this one is king.

I highly recommend this butane soldering torch to anyone who is looking for a lightweight soldering iron for hobby projects and repairs.

For Heavy projects, I would recommend Best Soldering Iron 2023


  • Great Safety features  
  • It has a heat resistant cap 
  • heat very quickly
  • It cools off quickly
  • Gas flow control


  • No exact temperature control
  • low gas capacity

5. Tooluxe 40420L AA Battery Powered  Soldering Iron

Score: 3.7 out of 5 (‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź )

Tooluxe cordless soldering iron
Tooluxe cordless soldering iron

The Tooluxe 40420L Cordless Soldering Iron is one of the best soldering iron for keyboards and one of the cheapest on our soldering iron reviews.

Its battery-operated solder gun for circuit boards heats up in seconds and you can use it to solder without an outlet. The iron heats up to 1050¬įF which is about 565¬įC within 7 seconds.

Being one of the many small soldering irons for electronics, it comes without long, frustrating cords. This makes it easy to use, convenient, and fast. You can use it for repairs in jewelry, wiring appliances, and more.

Complimenting its rapid heating quality, it features a quick cooling design. The risk of getting burns is reduced with the protective cap together with the cooling system.

The power output of this cordless soldering iron is 15 Watts. Though its power output is low, the soldering iron produces a fair amount of heat.

As a solder gun for circuit boards, it comes with a built-in LED illumination to give precise soldering even in dimly lit spaces.


  • Cordless and very portable
  • Quick cooling design
  • LED light


  • Plastic grip is slippery
  • You have to hold down a button to solder
  • Battery installation is quite technical

6. Portasol 010589330 Super Pro Tool Kit

Score: 4.6 out of 5 (‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź‚≠ź )

Best gas soldering iron
Portasol 010589330

This is an awesome Butane Soldering Iron kit it can be used for all kinds of stuff including welding plastic.

It is a little big for small spaces, so may not be convenient for working with very small circuits, but had no problems replacing capacitors on a TV and fixing vehicle wiring with this.

It is the best cordless soldering iron, but the exhaust from this does a great job at shrinking heat shrink so you don’t have to switch tips for small heat shrink jobs.

You can see how much butane remains and is easily refillable. Temp is pretty easy to adjust. Heats up very fast on high setting and on low setting just barely sips any fuel while on standby.

Quite efficient on fuel and holds quite a lot of butane as well – run time is excellent compared to other small jet torches.

The tip design is great and the included range of tips works very well for all-around use.


  • The case is strong/good quality
  • The torch head is plated steel
  • Tips can be changed without tools
  • lots of tips


  • Very hard to light
  • Gas capacity is low

7. Hakko FX-901/P Battery-Powered Soldering Iron

Score: 4.3 out of 5 (‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź )

best battery soldering iron
Hakko FX-901

Hakko FX-901/P is the best battery-powered soldering iron for 2023. If you have tried a battery-controlled¬†soldering torch, you probably use the Cold Heat iron and realize¬†that it¬†simply¬†doesn’t work well. This iron works differently, the best Hakko cordless soldering iron.

It’s made of plastic but feels really solid, has a secure plastic cover for the iron that prevents accidental power-on in transport, and operates off of 4 AA batteries.

This battery-powered soldering iron works very well for small wires, up to 16 gauge or maybe a bit thicker. It also works well for components on PCB for projects or the repair of circuits.

It heats rapidly and has a cone tip that gets in where it is required; just what you would expect from a best cordless soldering iron 2023 or other best soldering iron 2023.

The behavior of the iron varies greatly between Alkaline and Ni-MH batteries. The life with Alkaline batteries was about 75 minutes. It heats evenly across two hours of use with Ni-MH batteries.


  • Battery-powered
  • Great quality
  • 2 hour cycle time
  • ¬†Charge the first set while you use the second set.
  • Equivalent to 35W corded iron


  • Tip replacement is expensive
  • Limited to smaller wire sizes
  • The handle is a bit chunkier

8. M12 Cordless Soldering Iron (Bare Tool)

Score: 4.8 out of 5 (‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź‚≠ź )

rechargeable cordless soldering iron
M12 Soldering Iron

This is another awesome battery-controlled cordless soldering iron. This is actually a pretty best Soldering Iron despite the large size. It heats up fast and the 3 different angle settings are a nice feature. Comes in handy at work.

It stands up nice and stable when using a large battery, allowing both hands on the work and no stand needed on which to rest the hot tip.

This Battery-operated soldering iron does NOT come with a battery or battery charger. These items must be purchased separately.

Heats up as you get wires stripped and prepped, automotive work it does with ease. Highly recommended for small projects while for the project and heavy-duty I will recommend the best solderings station.


  • It grips easily
  • Heat up fast and stays hot
  • Battery-powered
  • Working on 14 gauges wires


  • Bigger than a slim
  • Feels a little awkward in the hand
  • Battery installation is quite technical

9. Weller BL60MP Cordless Soldering Iron Rechargeable

Score: 4.4 out of 5 (‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź )

Battery Powered soldering Iron
Weller BL60MP

The Weller BL60MP cordless soldering iron 2023 is perfect for everyday soldering tasks and for electronic hobby projects. Small and light with a built-in LED to light the work area, For working on automotive wiring this is a fantastic product, with no cords to get tangled.

There are three tips available. Micro-conical, Conical, and Chisel, The supplied tip is great for general soldering tasks and additional tips are available to handle almost any task needed

As a solder gun for circuit boards, it comes with a built-in LED illumination to give precise soldering even in dimly lit spaces.

The battery is easily accessible and has a standard connector on the end.

This is a great portable/cordless soldering iron that comes in really handy for small projects around the house as well as small arts and crafts projects.


  • Cordless and very portable
  • Quick cooling design
  • LED light


  • Plastic grip is slippery
  • You have to hold down a button to solder
  • Battery installation is quite technical

10. Weller P2C Professional Cordless Soldering Iron

Score: 4.7 out of 5 (‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź‚≠ź )

butane soldering torch
Weller P2C

Portasol Professional auto-ignited Cordless Solder Iron is probably the best gas soldering iron for patching, Heat Shrink Wrapping, Cutting and welding wire and different plastics, Brazing, Splicing, and gadgets.

The best thing is that it comes up to heat very quickly, with no long spool-up time as with electrics. Conversely, it cools off quickly as well.

It has a heat resistant cap, so you can toss it in your toolbox without having to wait long to cooling off

There is a gas flow control and can check how much the quantity of gas is left, but no exact temperature control, so it still won’t replace a decent best soldering station. However, for quick work in the field and small fixes, I would highly recommend this.

It is a lightweight, compact cordless butane soldering torch and hot air tool, battery-powered ignition with push-button ease & convenience


  • Good quality
  • Iron tank indicate gas levels
  • Many soldering iron tips
  • Tip easily change
  • Cap for protection


  • Plastic grip is slippery
  • low gas tank capacity

Best Portable Soldering Iron 2023

For you to make repairs to some electronic gadgets or circuit boards, you may need to solder and this will require the best cordless soldering iron.

Whether you are a hobbyist that loves to carry out the repairs of your home electronic device yourself or you are a professional whose job it is to fix break circuit boards and electronic gadgets, soldering is most surely an essential skill for your work.

There is a 70 percent chance that when there is a damaged circuit board or any home appliances, you may require to solder some parts or joints. And without the best soldering iron, your work may not come out as outstanding as you would want it.

Buying the best cordless soldering iron2023 for electronics and other projects may not be as easy as just going into the market or visiting Amazon to pick up a random wireless or gas solder iron. This backdrop exists because the market is full of different kinds of cordless soldering iron in their variety of sizes, power output, temperature range, unique performance ability, and attendant features.

The variety of options you will see when you want to buy the best soldering iron may create a bit of confusion. This post is written to eliminate the confusion that may come when you want to buy a butane soldering iron gun for electronics.

You no longer need to go through the stress of buying the best cordless soldering iron 2023 for your do-it-yourself hobby or your professional work. Even though you are a starter just starting in soldering material, we have found the best portable solder gun for you.


Our recommendation for the Best Cordless Soldering Iron 2023 would be the POWER PROBE Butane Soldering Kit. It is both friendly on the budget and has a lot of considerable features.

For a hobbyist on a rather small budget, the M12 Soldering Iron Kit and Hakko FX-901/P will be a great option.

Nonetheless, all of the items in this cordless soldering iron 2023 review are exceptionally wonderful and they would serve whatever purpose you need a soldering iron for.

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