Best Desoldering Pump & Electrical Solder Sucker 2022

To err is human; in the soldering process, if you have excessed the solder quantity and you are thinking about removing solder now; so be patient and calm; you can remove it with the best solder pump. There are many other desoldering tools too.

Desoldering tools are an essential part of DIY projects, professional and hobbyists soldering process. These best desoldering suckers pump help you get the desired results; If you had put excess solder or want to rework on the PCB, SMD, and other electronic circuit boards, you could suck the solder vacuum solder pump.

Best Solder Remover Pump

There are many tools used for desoldering; the following are a few of them:

  • Desoldering pump/ desoldering iron
  • Desoldering rework station/ hot air gun
  • DeSolder wick
  • Desoldering tweezers/ hot tweezers
  • removing alloys

In this review, we will discuss a manual desoldering pump and electric desoldering iron with a solder sucker. These solder suckers come in two styles; the plunger style and bulb solder suckers; both create a vacuum and suck the solders.

Here is the list of solder suckers tools:

Table Of Best Desoldering Iron/Solder Sucker Pump 2022

S.NoBest Desoldering ToolsCheck Details & Price
1Engineer SS-02 Solder Sucker Pump
2Solder Sucker- desoldering pump
3TABIGER Desoldering Wick & Desoldering Pump
4Teenitor Solder Sucker Desoldering Vacuum Pump 3pcs
5Solder Sucker Desoldering Pump – EX ELECTRONIX EXPRESS
6Desoldering Bulb for Soldering Irons, Electronix Express

Best Electric Desoldering Pump 2022

S.NoElectric Desoldering PumpCheck Detail & Price
1Velleman VTDESOL3U Vacuum Desoldering Pump with Heater 30W
2Tenma 21-8240 Vacuum Desoldering Iron
3ECG J-045-DS Electric Corded De-Soldering Iron

Review Of The Best Desoldering Pump 2022

1. Engineer SS-02 Solder Sucker Pump

best desoldering pump

A Japanese solder sucker with a compact design is our top pick; it comes in plunger style; it Is ideal for a one-hand operation in continuous work. The unique design, innovative silicone nozzle, high power, and desoldering pump make this solder sucker easy to use.

 This metal solder sucker directly connects with the soldering iron; it can hold out against 350C (Max) temperature. A flexible silicone tip allows the nozzle closer placement to the hot soldering iron without any damage.

Engineer SS-02 Best desoldering pump has a plunger on the top, easily accessible to the thumb. Bring the nozzle elastically to cover the desoldering point completely; near the soldering iron, press the plunger, and you will see the melted solder is absorbed quickly with less residue left on the board.

This stainless-steel desoldering pump has a lightweight 0.634 Oz(18g); High-quality components are used like piano wire, stainless-steel, and Nitrile rubber. It can also maintain itself by self-cleaning shaft works on in every stroke of the plunger.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Flexible silicon tip.
  • It sucks a lot of solder at once.
  • Best manual solder sucker.


  • Soft Tip
  • The solder is stuck sometimes in the silicon tube.
  • A bit expensive.

2. Solder Sucker- Desoldering Pump

best solder pump

This manual solder sucker is an anti-static solder pump with a replaceable, non-stick nylon tip for all your DIY / Maker soldering and reworking needs.

They are best used when removing solder from PCB through-hole solder joints. It is for moderate and hobbyist use in schools (great for use in STEM – steam curriculums ) and homes.

It is a simple mechanical plunger that does this very well. You depress the plunger against an internal spring until it latches; position the nib to best effect near the liquid solder; then press the black button to release the plunger and remove the solder. Pfft! No blob.

The solder is dispersed inside the tube, which means, yeah, it gets all over the spring and the back of the plunger. It also cools the solder rapidly, and you never feel any heat through the tube wall. Dispersing the solder all over may sound like a design flaw, but it’s not.

It’s easy to clean, and you don’t need to do it but once in a long while. By my calculations, if a solder blob is a 2mm sphere, the solder sucker could hold up to 500 blobs easily.

It seems to be high quality, it works well, and it’s real easy to open and clear out. Overall I can recommend this solder sucker, especially for the price, and it’s perfect for your needs with circuit boards and minor components.


  • Very lightweight and calm to handle.
  • Few moving components and no electronics.
  • Replaceable gasket.
  • It goes for several uses before emptying. It is even at all a concern.


  • The upper half of the body is plastic.

3. TABIGER Desoldering Wick & Desoldering Pump

best wick remover soldering pum

Tabiger introduces a 2 in 1 package; 3 pieces of solder sucker and two pieces of solder wick; A complete desoldering kit. Both play their role in the desoldering; solder sucker is used for a broad place, while wick is used for a smaller place where hard to reach the solder sucker.

This durable desoldering pump is made of Aluminum, resistant to beat and corrosion, and has good heat scattering power. The desoldering wick is geometrically precise and alloy braided with copper and rosin, which show no nicking or bending after an extended time.

This vacuum desoldering pump has powerful suction, which can easily remove solder from PCB. The size of solder wick has a width of 2.55mm and 1.5m length; it helps the smaller places where hard to reach the solder sucker. Both are used to correct the mistakes on SMD, SMT, and PCB boards.

This best solder sucker is so designed that you can easily handle it if you are left-handed or right-handed. You can remove solder by just pushing the plunger; it will suck all the residue left on the small electronic boards.


  • It Comes with a solder sucker and wick both.
  •  The body is made of ABS material.
  • Great affordable price.
  • Excellent suction.


  • The pump is a bit flimsy.

4. Teenitor Solder Sucker Desoldering Vacuum Pump 3pcs

best solder sucker

Good little solder sucker, have a good bit of suction, you can hang onto it and use your thumb to reset and suck.

The simple design allows easy one-handed use, lightweight and compact, sucks the solder away quickly.

Very sturdy, will work well to remove existing solder from a circuit board. The tips that come on these suckers are way too big to be useful for SMD soldering.

Heated the solder, pushed the button, and bam, all solder sucked up, super easy to use for desoldering. A must-have excellent solder sucker that fits nicely in your toolbox.

If you are an electronics professional and soldering daily, you probably want to look for a high-quality, precision de-soldering tool, as mentioned above. But if you are like a hobbyist and you solder electronics two or three times a week, this is perfect what you need.


  • Easy to handle
  • Cheap desoldering tool
  • best for small projects.
  • Easy to use, perfectly remove the melted solder.


  • The tip usually deforms.
  • Not for huge projects.

5. Velleman VTDESOL3U Vacuum Desoldering Pump with Heater 30W

electric desoldering iron

Vellemen is producing electronics products and solutions for the past 47 years; it works in more than 80 countries.  They have a good name in the soldering and desoldering iron; they produce high-quality, complaint, and reliable products to professionals and DIY lovers.

Vellemen vacuum desoldering pump comes with a heater, which makes it easy to use; you can handle it with a single hand, whether you are left-handed or right-handed.

This best desoldering iron with vacuum pump combination has 30-watt power, and the voltage supply is 230V. The diameter of the tip inside is 1.8mm, and you can also use a replacement spare tip BIT/DESLO3 with an inner diameter is 2.1mm, which is not included in the package.

This best electrical desoldering pump has less weight; you can easily handle it and smoothly remove solder from PCBs by its powerful sucker pump.


  • Best electrical desoldering pump
  • Great sucking power.
  • It Heats up well.
  • The tip is electrically grounded.
  • Inexpensive desoldering pump.


  • Difficult to clean.
  • It is not ergonomic.

6. Tenma 21-8240 Vacuum Desoldering Iron

best desoldering iron

Suppose you are using a regular soldering iron and a separate desoldering tool with a spring-loaded plunger. That technique not only required two hands but also meant moving the iron away from the solder joint and the desoldering tool into position quickly enough to prevent the solder from hardening.

If you have trouble with traditional solder suckers and need them, The Tenma tool does both functions: melting and suction and if you’re a hobbyist like I am, this is perfectly adequate and should be on your bench!

If you are working on and collect old electronics, this electric desoldering iron is perfect for removing components from electronics and printed circuit boards. The Desoldering Suction Pump is exceptionally intended to saves the binding interaction by dissolving and eliminates the lead with solid suction.

It tends to be utilized to take the parts off the circuit board while not harming the segments and circuit sheets. It is uniquely utilized for the substitution of coordinated circuits and multi-foot switches.

This 120v 30watt dual function. The tip on it is perfect for many jobs. It is more convenient and highly portable.

I’d recommend this to anyone that needs to desolder the board. I’m pretty pleased with this, especially with the prices.


  • Easy to use and easy the soldering project
  • Electric desoldering tool
  • Easy to remove the huge components.
  • The tip may be easily replaced.


  • No instruction for easy cleaning.
  • No iron stand

7. Solder Sucker Desoldering Pump – EX ELECTRONIX EXPRESS

desoldering tool

Expanding the manual desoldering pump list, we have an Electronic Express solder sucker; A quality product from a US-based company .it is smoothly designed; it allows you to handle it easily with one hand; press the button and remove the solder.

This heavy-duty solder sucker comes in plunger style; it weighs 2.4 oz (68g); lightweight and compact design. The length of the best manual solder sucker is 8 inches.

 You can use it easily, push the plunger, heat the solder joint, and push the button; it will suck all the solder. An automatic nozzle cleaner removes the solder from the desoldering tip.

Electronic Express ensures 30 days back guarantee; you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with it.


  • Good desoldering pump for DIY lovers.
  • Easy one-handed use.
  • Strong suction power.
  • Low-cost solder sucker.


  • Not suitable for fine electronic work.
  • Plunger seems fragile.

8. Desoldering Bulb for Soldering Irons, Electronix Express

desoldering bulb for electronics

The desoldering bulb for soldering iron is 3.80″ long and 2.50″ wide, efficiently handled and used. It is a simple device and

Rubber bulb with long-lasting PTFE tip removes solder quickly and easily with vacuum action. To remove solder from a joint, Heat the joint, squeeze the bulb and place the tip onto the joint quickly release the bulb, and melted solder will be sucked into the tube.

To clean the bulb, wait until the solder has cooled, remove the tip and dump out the contents of the bulb.


  • Easily handled
  • The suction bulb is so much easy to use
  • Easily clean
  • Portable


  • The tip is a bit larger

9. ECG J-045-DS Electric Corded De-Soldering Iron

best electric desoldering bulb pump

In my professional life carrier, this tool in a soldering project is the most loving tool due to its use and work during repairing the old circuit boards and updating the circuit boards.

This item has the advantage of melt the solder and vacuums it out with the same unit, which I found worked better. It’s not an industrial-strength unit, designed to do thousands of desoldering, for example, but for me, a hobbyist at home, it is proving very useful.

The desoldering suction pump is particularly designed to reserves the soldering process by melting and removes the solder with strong suction. It can take the components/parts off the circuit board while not damaging the parts and circuit boards. It is especially used for the replacement of integrated circuits and multi-foot switches.

This is the perfect electric desoldering iron for the PCB hand rework. When used correctly, it works very well. The bulb offers perfect control over removal, and the 45-watt iron heats up most thermal pads quickly but doesn’t typically overheat if you don’t mush the iron into the PCB. Also, thermal recovery is pretty solid as well you cannot desolder as fast as your hands can move.


  • Perfect for the removal components for the overcrowded circuit boards.
  • Best for the replacement of integrated circuits and multi-foot switches.
  • Easily handled


  • Bad quality tip
  • slowly heat up.

Buying Guide For Best Desoldering Vacuum Pump 2022


We have collected one of the best solder suckers in our review and made an effort to ease your work selection of solder suckers. We have categorized the best desoldering pumps in two kinds; manual and electric corded; here are the final thoughts:

Manual Desoldering Pump:

Our top picks desoldering pump in the manual category is the Engineer-002 solder sucker pump. A very handy desoldering tool with; unique design, highly rated, innovative silicon nozzle, stainless steel, and best sucking power, this solder sucker wins the race.

Electrical Desoldering Pump: 

Our top pick is Vellemen vacuum desoldering pump with a 30-Watt heater in this category. It is easy to handle, comes with desoldering iron, and a good sucker makes it unique.

These all are our picks; you may change your selection according to your need. If there are any doubts and you have a problem selecting products, please contact us in the comments section below. Thanks for your valuable time; stay home, stay safe.

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