The 6 Best Hot Air Rework Station Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

Whenever you are working on electronics components, sometimes you may damage the component. You have to rework them; using the best hot air rework station can help you save your precious SMD, BGA, PCBs, ICs, PLCCs, SOICs other electronic circuit boards. It helps in both the soldering and desoldering process; you will find a valuable tool for any electronic work.

A hot air gun makes the solder melt by providing a proper amount of heat; it is a specialized device that can cover your fault. It may correct poor solder joints, solder bridges, faulty components, Engineering parts or upgrades, broken components, components damage due to liquid ingress, and other weak solder joints. We have tried our best to provide you the best rework stations by our research team; here is the list of a few solders and desolder rework stations.

Top 3 Best Hot Air Multi-Function Rework Stations

Table Of The Best Hot Air Rework Station 2023

S.NoTop Rework StationDetail & Price
1YIHUA 862BD+ SMD Soldering Iron Hot Air Rework Station
2Aoyue 968A+ SMD Digital Hot Air Rework Station+Soldering Iron
3YIHUA 8786D 2 in 1 Hot Air Rework and Soldering Iron Station
4CO-Z 858D 110V SMD Soldering Rework Station with Hot Air Heat Gun
5TXINLEI 8586 110V Solder Station, Hot Air Rework Station, and Soldering Iron
6Quick 861DW 1000W Digital Rework Station with LCD Display
Table Of Hot Air Desoldering Rework Station

Reviews Of Best Hot Air Rework Stations 2023

1. YIHUA 862BD+ SMD Soldering Iron Hot Air Reflow Rework Station

desoldering hot air rework station
YIHUA Multi function Station

An SMD ESD safe 2 in 1 soldering hot air work station with multiple function YIHUA 862BD+ is our top pick. It has a Zilog dual-core microcomputer processor, PID temperature control technology, Air gun manual, automatic function, and an adjustable and readable airflow system.

This SMD reworks soldering station has three LED digital displays; you can easily change the centigrade option to the Fahrenheit option.  You can detect the temperature after every 20 milliseconds and read the scale from the large temperature display.

There is two blue LED digital display; one to show temperature scale and the other to show airflow. You can adjust airflow for rework hot air flow stations. The numerically displayed fan speed value can help track the optimum speed for components in different sizes.

Here are some specifications:

  • MODEL: 862BD+                                                                              
  • Power: 750 W                                                                                  
  • Weight: 7.7lbs                                                                                  
  • Display: dual-LED                                                                            
  • Storage temperature: -4 to 176 F                                             
  • Operating temp: 32 o 104 F                                                        


  • AIR FLOW:  120L/min (max)


  • TEMP RANGE: 392F- 896F
  • Storage humidity: 35% to 45%

For the cost of one rework station, you get both a soldering station and hot air station too; the company also provides one year warranty (the USA exclusively).


  • Great budget-friendly soldering station.
  • It is perfect for beginner and intermediate levels.
  • It comes with excellent tweezers.
  • Soldering iron can be detached.
  • It is a highly recommended unit.


  • The heat gun holder is made of plastic; it melts easily.
  • ICs extractor is not working properly.
  • Hot air guns can not be detached.

2. Aoyue 968A+ SMD Digital Hot Air Rework & Soldering Iron Station

aoyue soldering and hot air rework station
AOYUE Soldering Iron and Rework Station

The Professional Aoyue 968A+ is a great device all around. It is 550 Watts of heating power and has a long-life metal heater for the Hot Air. Very Quick heat up and a built-in airflow gauge.

The Aoyue 968+ rework station has separate controls for the soldering iron, smoke absorber/vacuum pickup, and air gun. The hot air temperature range is 90 degrees Celsius to 480 degrees Celsius.

The large volume air pump has a maximum flow of 23L/min with adjustable airflow. There is a powerful 70 Watt soldering iron for fast, responsive soldering. All this is controlled through the Atmega16A microcontroller. There is a built-in smoke absorber on the soldering iron to remove fumes to keep you safe.

The range on the soldering iron is 200C-480C (392F-896F), so it should be suitable for smaller devices for which you would use a 15-watt pencil iron. Just double-check to make sure the temperature your pencil iron operates at is within that range, and you should be good to go.

It has several advanced features such as:

  • The auto nozzle cooling process after reworking
  • Auto sleep function when placed in the hot air holder,
  • Temperature scale selectable between Centigrade and Fahrenheit.
  • Digital display of hot air set and actual temperature.
  • Microprocessor controlled with a self-testing hot air heating core system warns users when aging or breakdown of the heating core occurs.
  • Digital calibration of the soldering iron and hot air system.

This multi-function SMD Reworking tool is designed to remove or repair surface-mounted devices such as SOIC, CHIP, QFP, BLCC, BGA, and so on.

There are 50+ nozzle sizes available. 5 Nozzles are included (1124,1130,1196,1197, 1313). It also contains an assortment of 10 soldering iron tips. Also, a powered vacuum pickup tool is included and can be used to pick up small IC’s.

Multi function Best Hot air SMD Rework, Solder Reflow Station comes with:

  • 1 x Aoyue 968A+ Station with Hot Air and Soldering Iron
  • 1 x power cord
  • 5 x SMD Nozzles
  • 3 x Vacuum Pickup Cups
  • Vacuum Suction Pen
  • 1 x IC Popper 1
  • 1 x Spare Heating Element for the Soldering Iron
  • 1 x Spare Heating Element for the Hot Air
  • 10 x Soldering tips
  • 1 x TY-98 Brass Coil tip cleaner,
  • and User manual.

So far, here are some Positives and Negatives points of this Aoyue 968A+ Rework Station.


  • The iron heats up really fast and maintains its temperature well. In addition, it comes with an array of different tips for different jobs.
  • The flux fume vacuum is genius.
  • The controls are very intuitive.
  • It comes with replacement heater elements,
  • The base station for the iron has everything you need to do work.
  • It all feels well made.


  • It’s a little bulky, but there is probably more going on under the hood than I realize.
  • I wish the leads for the iron and hot air gun were a little longer.
  • The pump is a little noisy, but it’s tolerable.

3. YIHUA 8786D 2 in 1 Hot Air Rework and Soldering Iron Station

best hot air rework and soldering iron station

A 2 in 1 soldering station and hot air work station have versatile uses; it provides a dual-display and dual power switch with advanced software function. In addition, it has more friendly uses like sleeping function on soldering iron, programmable C/F, temperature correction function, and hot/air cool on the hot air gun.

 This best soldering iron rework station controls temperature intelligently; the station maintains the actual temperature at high speeds with fast temperature compensation to give the actual temperature required for your task.

 These multiple stations for soldering and desoldering with all tools are specifically designed for smaller devices like mobile phones, remotes, and all other small electronics of similar size.  40-watt soldering iron with high-performance air station to work on surface mount devices.

A standby option can help you extend the hot air gun heating element; it conserves energy. The hot air gun automatically cools down in the holder and heats up in few seconds when you pick it up again for use.

Package includes:

  • Ten soldering tips, one roll of solder wick
  • Four hot air guns, one roll of lead-free solder
  • One desoldering gun, one banana alligator clip
  • One IC extractor


  • Max power: 740W   
  • Voltage: 110-127V/ AC 60Hz                                                                       
  • Weight: 5.5lb    
  • display: digital                                                                                


  • Temp range: 212F- 896F/ 100-480C          
  • Air volume: < 120/ min (max)      
  • cord length: 39 inches                         
  • Motor: brushless                                                                             


  • Temp range:  392-896 F/ 200-480C                                           


  • Heats up fast
  • It Comes with ten soldering tips
  • Great rework system.
  • The heat air gun is super accurate.
  • Great value for the money.


  • Sucker is terrible.
  • Temperature displays do not show accurate temperature.
  • Soldering iron is not up to the mark.

4. CO-Z 858D Rework Station, 110V SMD Soldering Rework Station with Hot Air Heat Gun Set

CO-Z 858D Rework Station is designed for soldering or de-soldering SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, and other temperature-sensitive components. An essential tool for cell phone repair, laptop repair, or circuit board soldering. You can also use it for heat shrinking.

The 110V hot air gun heats up to 842°F in few seconds and maintains an even temperature via PID technology. This highly efficient heat gun blows at 120L/min while built-in fuse protection guarantees 100% safe operation.

A high-performance microcomputer and PID technology provide quick-warming capabilities with improved temperature stability.

The air gun automatically heats or cools when you remove/insert it into the holster. The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip, while 3 complementary nozzles (5/8/10mm) accommodate various rework needs.

For the money, this is great beginners rework station; it has features that you would expect to see on much more expensive units, like the idle sensor; when you put the handpiece in the holder, it starts to cool down and eventually turns off after about 5 minutes of non-use, this feature will save your heating element (never turn your rework station off when it’s hot) and power costs.

Product Specifications:

Input Voltage110V
Noise<45 dB
DisplayLED Display
Airflow Type of Air GunBrushless Fan Soft Wind
Wind Flow of Air Gun120 L/min
Temperature Range of Air Gun100-450°C
Automatic Mode of Air GunNo


  • Quickly heats up in seconds.
  • The analogue fan speed control knob helps control fan speed without reading a display and playing around with finicky buttons.
  • Resting the nozzle onto the “dock” will cause the gun to start cooling down then eventually shutting off on its own.


  • The cord from the “base” to the nozzle is short and forced to keep the unit pretty close to my working area

Portable SMD Rework Soldering Station

5. TXINLEI 8586 110V Solder Station, 2 in 1 Digital Display SMD Hot Air Rework Station and Soldering Iron

Hot air rework and soldering iron station and gun
Soldering Iron and Hot Air Rework Station

The search for a surface mount rework station is over now because we have the best SMD rework station on the list. A 2 in 1 SMD rework station is suitable for temperature-sensitive components and unsoldering many components like SOIC, CHIP, QMP, PLCC, and ball-grid array components.

This hot air gun for SMD components has a high power to unsolder it; it stabilizes the temperature and stops air from entering. Digital LED displays the accurate temperature; hot air gun temperature can set up with the help of buttons.

An automatic handle improves its quality and eases the work of the solder station; it starts work automatically when you take the handle from the shelf. However, when the handle is put down on the shelf, the solder station stops working.

It is an essential tool to repair mobile phones, laptops, and circuit board soldering. This best tool for soldering and desoldering comes in the following 20 in 1 package.

  • One solder station
  • 12 solder tips
  • One 6 in 1 BGA tools
  • One desoldering pump
  • 100g solder wire
  • Two tweezers
  • One soldering heater
  • One hot air gun heater
  • One IC puller


  • HOT AIR GUN: soldering iron:
  • Power: 700W Power: 60W
  • Airflow: 120L/ min iron: ESD safe
  • Temperature control: 100c -450C Temp control: 200- 480C
  • Fan: brushless ball heating material: Nichrome


  • Powerful heating elements.
  • Temperature control is excellent.
  • Automatic ON/OFF of the heat gun.
  • There is a separate power switch for iron and gun.
  • There are extra heating elements for iron and air gun.


  • The soldering iron holder is very light.
  • There is no sound setup of soldering iron.
  • The documentation is lacking.
  • There is no case or pouch for all tools.

6. Quick 861DW 1000W Digital Rework Station

Quick Rework Station

This digital hot air machine has a Large range of airflow, from extremely low flow (good for tiny components like 0201, which will blow away easily) to very high flow (for heating a ground plane quickly)

The Temperature precision is good enough for all but the most exotic work. For lead-based, tin-based, and bismuth-based solders, it works great. There are many exotic solders that I don’t work with, so I can’t comment if it is suitable for them.

It’s a very quiet hot air rework station, which is nice. Other people in the lab or working area will not be annoyed when it is in use.

The user interface could be better only by having more presets. It has three (3) presets. Most rework stations don’t have more than this, so it’s hard to fault, but I would like to have more — maybe three airflows presets and three temperature presets would be the best amount for me. One thing I like about the UI is that no BS gets in the way.


  • It is light weight and portable.
  • Automatically places the station into sleep mode while not in use.
  • The simplicity of use, accuracy, ease of programming, and powerful airflow.
  • Useful for SMD work.
  • Additional features are automatic cooling function, automatic sleep function, key-lock functions, and password protection.


  • Need professional skills for using initially.

Buying Guide For Hot Air Rework Station:

Whether you are a beginner or expert in reworking tasks, getting the best hot air rework stations is important to get the best outcomes. Investigate what to consider for these devices while buying the Hot Air Gun or Rework Station:


You cannot underestimate the safety issues. It is the primary feature to look for in the rework tool. Each gadget should have overheating protection. Check if the station has an ESD-safe design.

You may apply it indoors and outdoors. The build quality must be strong enough to provide stability and durability for a few years.

Temperature control:

Most of the hot air rework stations open in the market come furnished with temperature control. This element makes it helpful to change the temperature as indicated by the requirements. It is fundamental to search for a soldering instrument that is outfitted with temperature control changes.

The base temperature found in most hot air revamp stations is 100ºC. The most extreme temperature can be up to 450℃. The greatest temperature of 350ºC is considered good for most ventures. It permits you to utilize the revamp station with heat shrivel.

Temperature accuracy of approx. 10ºC is alluring. It permits you to differ the felt temperature by changing the distance of the firearm from the objective and shifting wind current. Aside from temperature limits, ensure the change of temperature is perfect. Some low-quality hot air rework stations may present trouble while changing the temperature. Ensure your picked device permits you to helpfully shift the temperature.

Warmth up time:

Before making a buy, you need to realize how it requires the rework station’s tip to warm up. The insightful thought is to search for a furnished device with a tip that warms up quickly.

The speedy warmth up time ensures you don’t burn through much time heating up. Additionally, it is prudent to search for a hot air tool that accompanies quicker warmth recuperation capacity.


To utilize a hot air rework station, append the nozzle to the wand and afterward fix it with the assistance of a screwdriver to consummately hold it set up. Select the fitting tip for the work. The included nozzle should not be difficult to trade out.

The tiny nozzles are advantageous for centering air over a bit of chip. Then again, greater nozzles are valuable for dousing a significant region like immense warmth cushion sinks. The office of compatible nozzles is accessible in good quality hot air improve stations.

Hot Airflow:

The Hot airflow rate determines how efficiently the pump or fan drives the air forward. Your picked hot air rework station is ineffective if it cannot deliver the hot air ahead over the chip or board you want to heat and move it into place.

Remember that in most cases, the stations that join hot air and soldering iron into a single gadget go with a defenseless wind current/airflow. Undoubtedly, even the space-saving rework stations go with inefficient hot airflow.

The minimum airflow rate, in any event, must be 20 liters/minute. Notwithstanding the effectiveness of the wind stream, check if the wind current rate is customizable. You would require adequate wind current to chip away at your objective alongside the capacity to shift the stream rate. The airflow changes ensure the free segments are not blown away.

The low-quality rework stations do not provide a facility to regulate the airflow automatically. You have to manually choose a lower temperature with such tools whenever you want to adjust the rate of hot airflow. Consequently, it leads to failures and decrement in speed. The advantage of the best quality hot air rework stations is accurate airflow and reliability.


Quite possibly, the main perspective to remember for hot air stations is security. Before you continue for the buy, check if the instrument is protected to utilize. Overheating insurance is the best component to consider concerning wellbeing. You should guarantee that it’s anything but an ESD-safe plan for assurance.

Some hot air stations accompany security highlights like cheating assurance, over-current insurance, cut off, and so on.


The list above is the best Hot Air Rework Stations on the market. They are comfortable and more helpful gadgets that will make repairing or working on electronics easier. In addition to that, they are long-lasting, have better user-friendliness, and are ideal for versatile usage. Therefore, pick one that you find will meet your needs.

My choice is the YIHUA 862BD Station because it has both the hot air station and the soldering station at your disposal can dramatically increase the flexibility and versatility of your work.

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