Best Solder Wick-Best Desoldering Braid 2023 Review

A solder beginner makes many mistakes in the soldering process; they often burn/break their printed circuit boards, surface mount devices, and other electronic boards due to inexperience, and they want to desolder it. But desoldering needs experience,  so How can they overcome this problem? They need a simple and easy method to desolder the components. Their problem solution is to use the best solder wick, a simple, easy, and quick way to rework on PCBs, SMTs, SMDs, and other electronic boards.

 Solder wick is commonly known as desoldering braid or desolders wick; It is made up of oxygen-free copper and tiny rosin flux. These best desoldering wick/braids soak up the molten solder through its capillary action and remove the unwanted solder. The use of desoldering braid helps you to soak up fast; you do not need to be a professional soldering expert.

Best Desoldering Wick

We have enlisted a few best desolder wicks that will help you to save your precious time and money, so here we are starting the list:

Table Of Best Solder Wick 2023

S.NoBest Solder BraidSpecificationBest Solder WickDetails & Price
1NTE Electronics SW02-10 No-Clean Solder WickWidth:0.098”
Length: 10ft
Flux: Rosin
2MG Chemicals 425-NS #3 No Clean Super Wick Desoldering BraidWidth: 0.075″
Length: 5ft
Flux: Rosin
3Chemtronics Desoldering Braid, Chem-Wik, Rosin, 10-50L 0.10″, 50ftWidth: 0.10″
Length: 50ft
Flux: Rosin
46 Pieces Solder Wicks No-Clean Solder Braided Wicks Desoldering WicksWidth: 0.04″
Length: 5ft
Flux: Unfluxed
5Vastar Solder Wick, 3 Packs Desoldering Wick, Solder Braid 2.5mm Width, 1.5m (5ft) LengthWidth: 0.10″
Length: 5ft
Flux: Rosin

Review Of Best Solder Wick/Desoldering Wick 2023

1. NTE Electronics SW02-10 No-Clean Best Solder Wick

best desoldering wick

NTE no clean solder wick is Our top pick in desoldering braid list; it is a more efficient solder wick than other desoldering wicks; it removes up to four times more solder than conventional wicks. This extracts solder much faster than other rosins flux-based solder, Wicks. It is the most accessible way to remove solder from electronic components; A highly recommended solder wick.

NTE electronics SW02-10 no clean solder wick is 100% made of copper; it has a delicate braid design to soaks up the molten solder by capillary action method. It is fast and effective at removing a small amount of excess solder from PC boards, SMD/SMT boards; The residue left behind is non-conductive, so no need to clean the board.

 The size of this best solder wick is 0.098” (2.5mm) wide and 10 feet long; the weight of the solder wick is 0.634 ounces (18g). it is available with standard or anti-static bobbins; it takes a few seconds to soak up all the solder from the boards; it is an excellent and outstanding desolder wick to choose for your circuit board.

This solder wick comes with a fantastic package of the SRA rosin paste soldering flux, frequently bought together; It is the best package to deal with it.


  • Neat and clean solder wick
  • Good quality, perfect for small circuit board
  • Soaks up the solder easily
  • Best solder wick for beginners


  • It Does not work well on stained glass work.

2. MG Chemicals 425-NS #3 No Clean Super Wick Desoldering Braid

best no clean desoldering wick
  • 0.075″ Width x 5′ Length, Green

This no clean, super solder wick flux residue is non-conductive and non-corrosive and is static-free bobbins. Higher SIR meets the requirements of both the Bellcore specification TR-TSY-000078 and IPC test method III. ROHS compliant.

The braided copper wires are excellent gauge, and they are permeated with powdered rosin flux, so no additional flux is required.

It is a perfect rosin solder wick and a convenient width for medium-sized work. It has rosin flux in it, so you may not need to dip it into flux for tough jobs. The secret with solder wick is to work from the tip of the wick and don’t unspool too much because it acts as a heat shield.

Once there is about one-half inch filled with [wicked] solder, cut it off and start over. With practice, you’ll get better. Don’t start at a point up the wick (away from the end), which is highly inefficient.

It draws up the solder very well, great for cleaning up SMD and through-hole pads before soldering in replacement parts.

It is a very easy-to-use desoldering braid. I’ve used it to clean solder on several PCB projects. It is a fine braid that is very absorbent.


  • Wicks solder very quickly
  • It worked perfectly for PCB work
  • Oxides free copper
  • The residue is non-conductive and non-corrosive


  • Design for use with lead-free solder

3. Chemtronics Desoldering Braid, Chem-Wik, Rosin, 10-50L 0.10″, 50ft Wick

Best solder wick

Chem-wick rosin desoldering wick is another best oxygen-free copper braid; it ensures you safe and fast desoldering. It completely removes the solder from the printed circuit board, SMDs, SMTs, and other electronics boards; its speedy action-wicking action protects components from harmful heat damage.

Chemtronics desolder wick has optimized weave design for quick wicking and heat transfer; bobbins are ESD safe. It is coated with ultra-high purity, non-corrosive, type R rosin flux which protects the board from any heat damage.

This best copper braid solder wick is sealed in nitrogen-purged packing to avoid corrosion and performance loss from moisture and oxygen. The width of the copper is 2.55mm and length is 50ft; the braid comes in blue color; It weighs 1.6 oz (45g).


  • A best desoldering wick for small electronics
  • Works well for hand soldering
  • Best solder wick with rosin flux
  • Halide free solder wick.


  • This desolder wick is not suitable for large-scale use.

4. 6 Pieces Solder Wicks No-Clean Solder Braided Wicks Desoldering Wicks

desolder braid

We have Another best solder braided desolder wick, made up of quality copper wire; Its weaving design helps to soak the molten solder by the capillary action method.

It comes with a pack of six no clean solder braid desoldering wick within the same nominal price. This best-braided solder wick is suitable for home, industrial welding work, labs, and correct errors on small PCB boards.

This best no clean desolder wick saves your time and chipboards from damage; it leaves little residue after use. The left residue is non-corrosive and non-conductive; you don’t need time to spend time on them from the boards.

The length of this fine solder braid is 1.5m/ 5feet, and the width is 1mm/0.04 inch wide; it comes in a lake blue color. This best solder braided weight is 1.72 OZ (48g); it is a quantity with less price to complete your desoldering need.


  • Economical solder wick.
  • Good sucking power.
  • It comes with six solder package.
  • It is a Fine solder wick for circuit boards.


  • It comes without flux.
  • It is not suitable for the keyboard.

5. Vastar Solder Wick, 3 Packs Desoldering Wick, Solder Braid 2.5mm Width, 1.5m (5ft) Length

best desoldering wick

Vaster is famous for manufacture the best cheap soldering iron; similarly, the cheap solder wick and best desoldering braid wick is also made by the Vaster.

It is high quality, no clean, pure oxygen-free copper wire, about 4.5M total all spools length, and about 0.4oz weight stranded copper mesh used to remove solder from existing connections.

This environment-friendly easily handled and best solder wick size; is a pre fluxed copper braid used to remove the excess, bridging, or the old joints from the circuit boards.


  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • Low melting point
  • Bright spot
  • no clean solder wick
  • Geometrically precise wave


  • Need extra flux

Buying Guide For Best Solder Wick 2023

Desoldering Braid is also known as “Solder Wick”, an inexpensive and effective way to clean unwanted or old solder. Sometimes it may be time-consuming to remove excess solder or older joint solder on the circuit board. Knowing this, how do you choose the best and right solder wick/desoldering Braid for your project needs? Following are some points which must be kept in mind while buying solder wick.

1. Match Flux Type To Your Cleaning Process:

Rosin Fluxed Braid: It has the fastest wicking action but leaves behind residues that need to be cleaned.

No-Clean Fluxed Braid: It is ideal when cleaning is not practical or possible. After desoldering, it only remains a clear and (nonconductive) non-ionic residue.

Lead-Free Braid: This Braid contains no-clean flux and can heat up quickly, preventing heat stress to components at higher lead-free temperatures.

Unfluxed Braid: This Braid is used when the specified flux is needed; you can add your choice flux to this unflexed Braid. It will not remove any solder unless flux is added.

2. Static Sensitive Application or Not:

Working around static sensitive applications recommends using static dissipative or ESD- safe Braid. When a roll of Wick is packaged in plastic spools, It will risk charge generation. (Chemo)

3. Braid Width:

It is better that the wick width is close to the size of the solder joint or contact point. Using the wrong braid width will waste your time and damage the other joints and components of the board. 

Smaller widths won’t remove enough solder efficiency. Larger widths require more time to heat and may interfere with other components on the circuit board.

  • Smaller Braid does not absorb enough melted solder.
  • Too much big Braid takes more time to heat and may damage other parts.
  • The Correct Braid size is that which matches pad width.


All the products mentioned in the above review are the best, well-experienced, and top-rated solder wicks, but our best choice for the electronics is NTE Electronics SW02-10 No-Clean Solder Wick.

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