Top 8 Best Soldering Iron For Automotive Wiring 2022

Automotive wire transmits signals throughout the vehicle as the human body transmits the blood and nerves. As the automotive industry is going up day by day and new technologies are introducing, electronic equipment needs to accommodate modern car requirements. Maintenance of every automotive wiring harness is pretty much necessary; To fulfill this requirement, we need the best soldering iron for automotive wiring to repair your automotive wire.

Best Soldering Iron For Automotive Wiring

Our efforts contribute significantly to the automotive industry to help him in soldering the automotive wire harness. We have tested many best soldering irons for electronics to meet the automotive wiring criteria and answer the questions like what size of solder for automotive wiring is needed? Which soldering iron is best for it? This research has been done for you to select the best soldering iron for automotive wiring and electronics without any hesitation.

Top 3 Best Soldering Iron For Automotive Wiring 2022

Anbes Soldering Iron

Best soldering iron for wiring and electronics
Best Soldering Kit For Electronics and Wiring
  • Complete soldering kit for automotive work

Weller Soldering Iron

Weller Soldering iron
Weller Soldering Iron
  • 5 to 40-watt
  • Analogue soldering station
  • Light-weight certified ST3 soldering tip
  • Best for soldering small circuits and automotive wiring

Butane Soldering Kit

best size solder for automotive wiring
Best Butane Soldering Iron
  • Best butane soldering iron
  • Multi-function

Table Of Best Soldering Iron For Automotive Wiring 2022

S.NOBest Soldering Iron For Automotive Wiring Check Price & Details
1Anbes Soldering Iron Kit Electronics
2Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station
3POWER PROBE Butane Soldering Kit
4Weller D650PK Industrial Soldering Gun Kit
5Weller D550PK 260-Watt/200W Professional Soldering Gun Kit
6Toolour Automatic Soldering Gun Kit
7Dremel 2200-01 Versa Flame Multi-Function Butane Torch
8Weller WES51 Analog Soldering Station
Best Soldering iron for automotive wiring 2022

Review Of Best Soldering Iron For Automotive Wiring 2022

1. Anbes Soldering Iron Kit Electronics

Best soldering iron for automotive wiring
Anbes Best Soldering iron for electronics

Soldering an automotive wire needs a professional auto technician and the best soldering kit for automotive wiring. ANBES soldering iron kit is one of the best soldering iron under $100 to do all soldering jobs you need.

ANBES soldering kit has unique features with a standard dual spring soldering iron holder and sponge; you can use it when you need the soldering work. It has a protected base, which is safer than any other soldering kit base.

There are five multiple different tips for replacement. You can select the temperature range from 200C to 450C. It heats up fast and works great. It is a knob temperature controlled soldering iron; you can choose the desired temperature.

A solder sucker with a high-pressure vacuum tube allows easy one-handed use, best for removing solder from PCB through-hole solder joints. You can carry the soldering iron anywhere; A PU portable leather bag can help you take it anywhere.

The working voltage is 110V, and power consumes up to 60W. 900M series tips model comes with anti-static tweezers, which help you soldering an automotive wire. This soldering kit comes with the following components:

  • Tweezers
  • PU Carry Bag
  • Tin Wire Tube
  • Soldering Iron
  • Wire Stripper Cutter
  • De-soldering Pump
  • Soldering Iron Stand
  • 24awg Electronic Wire
  • Five Different Soldering Iron Tips

Here are some pros and cons to select the best soldering kit for automotive wiring:



  • Not comfortable for people with short hands

2. Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station (Weller Soldering Iron For Automotive Wiring)

best soldering iron for motorcycle wiring
Best Weller soldering iron for electronics

Weller soldering iron is the most popular and ideal soldering iron for automotive wiring and electronics. It is high quality, lightweight, and has all the appealing features you need for automotive wiring.

The power output of the soldering iron is between 5 Watts and 40 Watts. You can choose between 5 Watts and 40 Watts power output values, making it the best wattage soldering iron for automotive wiring. (12/35 watt is perfect for the automotive wiring.

In essence, this automotive wiring soldering iron is a high-performing analog soldering station. It can produce up to 900°F, and it is undoubtedly the best temperature controlled soldering iron for automotive wiring.

You can correctly join metals and create an electrical connection. Very versatile and easy to use in the house and for automotive purposes and is the best soldering iron for motorcycle wiring.

The Pencil iron is lightweight, a cushioned foam grip-handle, high-quality ST3 tip, iron, and chromium-plated, all these ensuring you can work comfortably.

The Weller WLC-100 Soldering station comes with the following:

  • A built-in stand
  • An ST Soldering Tip
  • Soldering pencil
  • Cleaning sponge
  • One Temperature and watt variable control station


  • Best control wattage soldering station for automotive wiring
  • Good quality soldering station for professional and beginners
  • Easy to adjust power and temperature
  • Tips can be easily replaced according to the required task


  • No current temperature display
  • Great for left handed

Weller WE1010NA Digital Soldering Station

3. POWER PROBE Butane Soldering Kit

best solder size for automotive wiring
Best butane soldering iron for automotive wiring

PPSK is a great tool for the automotive technician and the best butane soldering iron for motorcycle wiring .it is a gift for all DIY lovers, electrical and electronic, PCB, Soldering, Heat Shrink Wrapping, cutting wire and other plastics, Brazing, Splicing, and many other soldering jobs.

Power probes are the best heavy duty soldering iron with Butane filled fuel; they feature electronic ignition and flame adjustment from ½ inch to 21/2-inch. Butane is easily refillable, and it can last to 2 hours between refills.

The maximum temperature of the torch is 2500F, and for soldering iron, it is 950F. It consumes a 120-watt power and 500 BTU; this kit comes with the following components:

  • Roll of Rosin Solder
  • Hot Knife
  • Hot Point
  • Heat Shrink Shield
  • Soldering Tip
  • Sponge & Tray
  • Hard Carry Case
  • Adjustment Wrenches

Heat shrink helps tubing to the wire on or off the vehicle; This best soldering iron for automotive wire can be used in any position and keep a consistent flame.

The solid core rosin can easily help you to join together loose joints and splice cable. It is 60% tin and 40% lead, which helps clean the connection during the soldering process.

These are some pros and cons which will help you to buy this best heavy soldering iron:


  • Extra tips are included.
  • Auto ignitor
  • Great for automotive wiring
  • It heats up in just 30 seconds.
  • Solid construction


  • There is no meter to check the gas gauge in the container.
  • Comes with out butane gas

4. Weller D650PK Industrial Soldering Gun Kit

Best Soldering Iron Kit for wiring

Weller is a leading manufacturer of high-quality tools. It is internationally renowned for its products’ diversity; Weller D650Pk is also one of the best products in quality tools of Weller company. It is among the best soldering irons for electronics, automotive wire, industry, and all high-power soldering iron.

Weller D650PK industrial soldering gun with tool kit has multi-function capabilities, like removing rust and contamination, adjusting pins and components, bending and holding leads and many soldering jobs needed in industries.

This Weller soldering iron for automotive wire with dual-heat gun produces the highest power 0f all Weller soldering guns with 300W as high power and 200W at the low range; the first fingertip trigger selects the increased power and the second trigger select the low power.

The pistol-grip design makes it easy to hold and twin lights to illuminate your work. It is the fastest soldering gun, which heats up in only 6 seconds, so you can easily do soldering automotive wire when you are in a hurry. 

The 2-wire corded Weller soldering gun kit comes with a soldering gun, a lead-free coil solder, a carrying case, a soldering tip with a high gauge, and highly efficient tin-plated copper tip.

It is a UL-listed item with a limited-time life warranty best soldering iron under $100; trusted, designed, and used by experts and equally popular in USA, UK, Canada, Philippines, and India.

Here are some pros and cons:


  • High power soldering gun
  • Best for Automotive wire
  • 2-Wire corded
  • Robust and heavy-duty soldering gun
  • Heats up in just 6 seconds


  • Lights are not reliable.
  • The soldering gun is heavy.

5. Weller D550PK 260-Watt/200W Professional Soldering Gun Kit

weller soldering gun for electronic
Weller Soldering gun for automotive wiring

A professional technician knows how much the best soldering iron for automotive wiring is essential; D550PK soldering iron brings professional strength and control to the automotive harness.

The Weller D550PK contains a dual heat gun and pistol-grip design with easy adjustment fingertip trigger switches between the required 200/260 watts setting. This fastest soldering gun reaches its full of 900-1100F in just 6 seconds, depending upon the adjustable heat setting to save you time on longer jobs.

There are two front-facing LED’s to provide bright illumination on either side, helping you solder in dark spots and preventing your shadow from impeding your work. This Weller professional soldering kit comes with the following accessories:

  • carrying case
  • Flux brush
  • dual-heat gun
  • A coil of lead-free solder
  • 2-wire cord and basic accessories
  • Three tin-plated copper tips for soldering, smoothing, and cutting

This Weller soldering iron is for heavy-duty soldering applications that require fast heat, and it brings fast-acting heat to your workshop. There are three different tips for a different job, one soldering tip, one smoothing tip, and one cutting tip.

The pistol grip design trigger helps you to select easily from the high output or low output. The Weller company offers a 7-year limited warranty. It is the best gift idea for DIY projects lover, heavy-duty hobbyists, professionals, automotive wiring, and many more.

Here are some pros and cons to selecting a soldering iron kit:


  • Great carrying case
  • Professional heavy-duty soldering gun
  • Extra tips for a different task like cutting, smoothing, and shaping
  • Just plugin and press the button to melt the solder


  • There is no knob for temperature control
  • Regular press of the trigger for soldering
  • Not best for small wiring

Weller D650PK Industrial Soldering Gun Kit with 6-Piece Soldering Tool Kit

6. Toolour Automatic Soldering Gun Kit

professional Soldering gun for electronics
Best Soldering Gun for electronics

For automotive wiring and electronics, I will recommend this auto-feed, one-handed best soldering gun for electronics. It is an awesome soldering gun for automotive wiring. It leaves your hand free to hold the wire or what you want to solder.

There are numerous soldering irons. They always require two hands or some gadget that holds all the wires together. This is one-handed. Just touch it to the wire connection, squeeze the trigger, and done! So easy, you can use it to change out your car stereo.

This 60W version has the soldering temperature ranges from 260 to 480℃(500-896ºF). This is the perfect soldering iron temperature and wattage for automotive wiring.

This best soldering iron for motorcycle wiring is around $30. You can also use this soldering gun for welding circuit boards, machine repairs, home improvement, guitar, and jewellery manufacturing.

This best soldering gun for automotive wiring 2022 comes with the following items.

  • Mini driver
  • Solder gun
  • User manual
  • De-soldering pump
  • Anti-static Tweezers
  • Best Solder wire


  • High-quality ABS plastic shell
  • Auto feed soldering wire
  • Easy to use for the difficult soldering
  • Best for Electronics and automotive wiring
  • The tip can be easily replaced


  • The smoke comes out when you start it for the 1st time
  • Comes with Only one soldering iron tip

7. Dremel 2200-01 Versa Flame Multi-Function Butane Torch

Gas Soldering Iron
Butane Soldering Iron

We have little cordless Butane soldering iron for automotive wiring that works great. It comes with many handy supplies and pieces to make it very versatile and the best cordless automotive wiring soldering iron 2022.

It comes with the white flame head, deflector, shaping knife, cutting knife, hot air tip, little sponge, a little tin pot to put hot things, best solder for the automotive wiring, heat-insulating cap, and storage base.

The Dremel torch looks complicated, but it is quite easy to use. It has different parts: tips, Catalyst, Flame guard, Button area, Gas tank, and the valve for butane gas filling.

Use standard Butane gas to fill the tank, and it just takes a few sec to fill it. It will burn for 45 to 90 min with a full charge depending on the flame size how you are using it, so it is a very economical soldering iron for automotive wiring.

For an open flame, you need to remove the catalyst. To ignite, it pushes forward the child lock and pulls back the trigger. The gas will flow the torch have features of auto-ignition and a flame lock-on for continuous hands-free working.

You can control the torch flame’s size; a smaller size flame is best for hot knives, a medium-size love is excellent for soldering jewelry and automotive work, while a large size flame is perfect for soldering the massive wires.


  • Safety lock
  • Highly portable
  • Different flame size
  • Excellent quality
  • Easily adjust in a small area during soldering.
  • Comes with the best tools and tips
  • Can be used in any direction
  • Multi-purpose soldering torch


  • No window to show the remaining amount of gas in the tank
  • Operating required expertise

8. Weller WES51 Analog Soldering Station

best soldering iron for wiring
Electronic Soldering Iron

This Weller analogue soldering station is designed for those who frequently need to solder automotive wiring and other electronics.

The station electronic control system can quickly adjust between 350 to 850 degrees Farnhite and provide excellent temperature recovery.

To prevent accidentally damaging electronics, jewellery, wires, and other fragile components. The system also has a wireless temperature lockout. That won’t allow you to set the temperature beyond the recommended maximum temperature for specific work.

The soldering iron is a slim PES51 soldering pencil with a terrible stainless steel heating element and fully compatible with the Weller ET series tips. Plastic handle foam sleeve and non-burning silicon rubber for comfort and less fatigue during soldering.

It is an ideal best soldering station for automotive wiring in any environment. The manual and charts are full of diagrams for a guide on servicing and repair. The manual has diagnosed and solves the problems.


  • An excellent temperature control system
  • Great temperature recovery
  • Wireless temperature lockout
  • LED indicator
  • Quick heating and easy clean-up soldering iron


  • Soldering pencils approximately cost half of the cost new soldering station.
  • Special soldering tips

Weller PSI100K Super-Pro Self-Igniting Cordless Butane Soldering Iron Kit

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