Best Soldering Iron For Headphones 2023

It would be best if you had a soldering iron for a headphone of about 25 watts to 60 watts and the best soldering tip for the headphones soldering is a pointed tip.

Headphones are one of the weakest electronic devices that hardly continued for a couple of years; The main reason is cables are a mostly ineffective and constant breakthrough movement. Some of the manufacturers use a durable jack and firm wires, but careless use makes it weaken.  Most people furiously throw their headphones in the trash due to repair; soldering is the easiest and safest way to do it. We’ve made it simple for you to search for the best soldering irons for headphones and earbuds.

Best Soldering Iron For Headphones

Here is the list of best soldering iron for headphones 2023

Table Of Best Soldering Iron For Headphones

S.NOBest Soldering Iron For HeadphoneCheck Price & Details
1TOAUTO Soldering Station,80W Digital Solder Iron Station Kit
2Weller WE1010NA Digital Soldering Station
3Weller WES51 Analog Soldering Station
4Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering Station
5Soldering Iron Kit Electronics, Soldering Iron 60W from Plusivo
Table of best soldering iron for headphones

Review Of Best Soldering Iron For Headphones

1. TOAUTO Soldering Station,80W Digital Solder Iron Station Kit

Best soldering iron for electronics
Best soldering iron for electronics

TOAUTO FT-80W digital soldering station is a low-cost, high-quality ESD safe and a multipurpose tool kit for many soldering jobs, especially to repair headphones and earbuds. The upgraded version of this best soldering station is best for headphones, earbuds, small electronics, SMD/SMT welding, PCB’s Home appliances, and all DIY’s lovers.

This soldering station uses an 80Watt high-power electric heat core; the temperature ranges from 194F to 896 F / 90 C-480 C, and It heats up in just 6 sec. Advanced technology is used to change Centigrade to Fahrenheit and vice versa; a digital LED readout the temperature scale with PID technology. A 10 minutes Auto standby and 20 minutes auto-sleep can effectively extend the soldering iron.

Headphones cutting out can be made by maintaining a constant temperature; This soldering iron for headphone wire maintains a constant temperature by a temperature locking system. Lock in the perfect temperature for soldering the headphones wiring; this option saves the trouble of accidentally pressing buttons; so that you can focus on the task.

A perfect 80W soldering kit for audio jack wiring comes with the following components:

  • Soldering station
  • Five extra tips
  • Bracket for solder on the side
  • 50 g lead-free solder wire
  • Solder sucker
  • Anti-static tweezer
  • Brass tip cleaner
  • Instruction manual

The heat-resistant and soft rubbery handle can help you hold the iron easily; it makes it non-slippery and isolates the heat while keeping the highest temperature. The de-soldering pump is a high-pressure vacuum tube with an aluminum frame body. Over all it is best for soldering headphone jack wiring.

The following points will help you to buy this best soldering iron for headphones:


  • Great for headphones/ earbuds repairing
  • Excellent auto sleep and auto standby
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Temperature locking system


  • Tips are terrible.
  • Short wire for soldering iron.

2. Weller WE1010NA Digital Soldering Station For Electronics

Weller Soldering Iron
Digital Weller Soldering Iron

Weller is well-known for its professionalism in the world of soldering irons. WE1010 NA digital 70 W soldering station is 40% more potent than all other WES/WESD soldering stations.

It is recommended for headphones/ earbuds, electronics, PCBs, Audio systems, radio-controlled devices, small appliances, small engines, repairs, and many more.

The digital soldering iron and power unit are ESD safe; the soldering iron heats up fast and gets the job done in no time with more efficiency and precision. The temperature range is from 200F – 850F (100C-450C) with temperature stability +/- 4F/2C; An easy-read LCD screen with three pushbuttons provides easy temperature control.

Soldering audio jack female needs a good tip; this soldering station comes Weller ET tip provides the best performance and has more life. You can easily change hot tips by twisting with hand a plastic knurled nut on the soldering pencil without the help of any other tool.

WE soldering station comes with the following parts:

  • A 120V digital soldering power unit (WE 1)
  • One soldering iron (WEP 70)
  • One safety rest (PH 70)
  • ET soldering tip
  • Sponge
  • Eta tip 0.062″/1.6 mm screwdriver

ET is the best solder tip, and it’s genuine where the station starts to pay for itself. The digital soldering power unit and soldering iron are ESD safe, UL, and EC listed and have received a certificate of electrical safety compliance. The soldering station comes in three styles 5-pice kit, 5-piece with cleaner,8-piece kit.

The following points will assist you in buying the best soldering iron for headphones:


  • Best for soldering headphones
  • Great control over temperature
  • Simple tip change-outs
  • Intuitive navigation


  • No mainline Fuse
  • No backlit display

3. Weller WES51 Analog Soldering Station For Headphones

Weller WESD51
Weller Weller WES51 Analog

The WES51 soldering station meets Weller’s high standards for excellence and safety. This product conserves energy; As the station automatically shut off power to the PES51 soldering pencil after an inactivity of 99 minutes, it also extends the tip’s life. It is UL/CUL listed, electrostatic free workstations, and backed by one year warranty.

This analogue soldering station gives a quick heat-up and rapid temperature recovery. It has a wireless temperature lockout to avert operators from raising the temperature levels higher than recommended for the board or component. The soldering station temperature is adjustable from 350F to 850F.

The soldering of a 4-pole head jack wiring in headphones needs controlled temperature for precise soldering; the temperature locks out the system of this soldering iron can control the exact temperature you need. You can also reset the station temperature to match in tip size and styles; a comfortable and slim pencil with an Eta tip reduces the operator’s fatigue.

The soldering station includes a WES51PU power unit, a PES51 soldering pencil featured with a non-burning silicon rubber cord, a PH50 stand, and a sponge. The soldering pencil features a durable nichrome-wound stainless steel heating element for long life.

This 50/60W best soldering station for electronics works on 120V; and is designed for continuous production soldering. The following points will help you to buy this best soldering iron for headphones:


  • Great for soldering headphones
  • The rubber grip is well insulated.
  • Auto sleep time
  • Greenlight blinks when the tip has reached temperature.


  • The analog scale is graduated only in Fahrenheit.
  • The holder for the iron moves around a bit.  

4. Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering Station Professional

best soldering iron for electronics
Professional soldering iron Hakko-FX-888D

Hakko is globally recognized in soldering projects; they have more than a half-century years’ experience producing the best soldering iron. Hakko FX888D-23BY soldering station is the updated version of the popular FX888; It includes all features which an all-around digital soldering station has.

As we are looking for the best soldering iron for headphones, this product is amazing for headphone wires, soldering headphones, headset wiring, earbud repair, wire jack, audio cable, and other soldering projects.

Hakko FX888d-23BY carries an excellent thermal recovery by using T-18 series tips for their fine heat conductivity. You can set soldering an audio jack with low temperature; the thermal recovery graph rises in 20 seconds up to 350C, and tip temperature is reduced during continuous work.

A digital display shows temperature in centigrade and Fahrenheit; You can store up to five preset temperatures in preset mode. The temperature ranges from 120F to 899F (50C-480C); You can also protect your temperature setting by enabling password-protected temperature settings.

The following components are included in this best soldering iron for headphones:

  • Station power supply FX-888D
  • Soldering iron FX-8801-02
  • Iron holder FH800-03BY
  • Sponge A1559
  • Tip cleaning wire A1561
  • Soldering tip T18-D16

A lightweight, smooth, ergonomic handpiece designed by world-famous Japanese designer Kita Toshiyuki perfect for any soldering project. It is built with a ceramic heating element and sensor to bring the necessary power to get the soldering project done.

The following are the pros and cons of the best soldering iron for electronics:


  • Tight temperature control
  • Best for headphone
  • Attractive design
  • Lightweight pencil
  • Separate enclosure for power supply and soldering stand


  • No power on indicator.
  • Does not come with extra tips.

5. Soldering Iron Kit Electronics, Soldering Iron 60W from Plusivo Automotive wiring

best soldering iron for automotive wiring
Best soldering iron for Professional

Choosing the best soldering iron for the headphone and electronics is always a difficult task. It would be good if you had a soldering iron for a headphone of about 25 watts to 60 watts and the best soldering tip for the headphones soldering is a pointed tip.

The Plusivo professional soldering kit is a set that contains a complete soldering kit. That includes common tool use for soldering headphones, automotive wiring, and electronics.

The kit contains a 60W soldering iron best for headphones, temperature adjustable, heat-insulated, and anti-scalding silicone soldering iron.

It also contained Multimeter, a Mini Wire Stripper Tool, Diagonal Wire Cutter, Curved ESD-15, and Straight Tweezers ESD-11, Tin Wire Solder, A Desoldering Pump, Black 22 and Red 22 AWG Wire, 5 pcs Soldering Iron Tip Set, Solder Wick and Paste a screwdriver, and Mini PCB, Insulating (black, red, and yellow) Tape, Pen Shaped Screwdriver, Heat Shrink Kit, and Ebook for Mastering the art of soldering.


  • A complete set of soldering tool
  • Best soldering iron for headphones and electronics
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Great temperature adjustment


  • No station
  • Temperature adjustment needs skills

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