The Best Soldering Iron Tips 2022-By Professional

Throughout my professional carrier, I went through a lot of best soldering irons. I used a different kind of best soldering iron, bigger and smaller tips: conical, chisel, bevel tip, bent tip, and knife for circuit board, SMD, through-hole, stained glass, guitar, stippling, and other soldering projects.

There are many kinds of tips in the market (2022), and you have to understand how tips work to choose the best soldering tip properly and wisely. I have prepared a list of excellent soldering iron tips so that you can choose the best soldering iron tips easily.

What Soldering Tip Should You Choose?

Choose the best biggest soldering tip that will fit the work area you are working with. If you are dealing with small electronic circuit boards and using the wrong tip, it will damage the whole circuit board. Similarly, if you are dealing with a bigger board and using the smaller tip, it will difficult to melt the solder.

Review Of Top Soldering Iron Tips 2022

The iron tip is one of the most important soldering iron parts. Choose the right type of Soldering Iron Tip, Sizes, and Thermal Properties. But for good heat transfer, the soldering iron tip needs to have been tinned correctly. I notice that the professional use the soldering tips are all silvery and shiny, which indicates the tips have been tinned.

Tips For Weller Soldering Irons:

Weller original tips stay shiny, and solder wets up against it well. Low-quality tips go brown with oxide and need constant wiping, and the solder does not wet well—the golden rule. “Crap quality equipment gets a crap ending.”

Solder Tips 6pcs for Weller ET Soldering Iron, Tips for WES51/50, WESD51, PES51 / 50, WE1010NA WCC100 LR21 ET Tip Series (6PCS-01)

Weller ET Soldering Iron Tips
  • Wide Compatible
  • Perfect match
  • Copper tips are plated with iron, nickel, and chromium.
  • Great for soldering PCB projects.
  • The size is for SMD and other projects.
  • Great for small and large electronics.
  • 6pcs tip pack including 3 conical tips,3 chisel tip, different shapes, and sizes.

High-quality product, clean tips, and heat up fast, perfect fit for Weller soldering station.

ShineNow ST Series Soldering Tip for Weller WLC100, WP25, WP30 WP35 5pcs Pack

Weller soldering tip type
Weller soldering iron replacement tips
  • Good quality copper tips are plated with iron, nickel, and chromium.
  • Tips sizes
    • Knife tip 4mm.
    • Bevel tip 2.4mm.
    • Chisel tip 2.4mm.
    • ST7 tip 0.8mm
  • This set gives us multiple options for fine work.
  • Perfect match to Weller soldering iron.
  • Easier to solder and clean.

 If you are not satisfied with ShineNow tips, you can always return or exchange the product.

Weller ST7 ST Series Conical Solder Tip Hobbyist for WP25, WP30 and WP35 Irons, 0.31″

Weller ST7 ST Series Conical
  • Excellent Quality
  • Tip shape Conical
  • It is fit and replacement for the SP40L / SP40N series irons and the WP25, WP30, WP35, WLC100 series tools tip.
  • Tip size:
    • ST7 – .031″ / 0.79 mm diameter
  • Already tinned with Lead-Free alloy for prevention.
  • There are five tips in one set.
  • Great soldering tip for small circuit boards.
  •  Typically used for PCB work.

You will find that, actually, metal quality makes a big difference. Using the wrong tips for soldering will not only waste your time but may also damage the soldering project. Weller is the Mercedes in the soldering iron world.

This product of Weller is also great for the replacement of old soldering tips. To clean and maintain the tip, clean the tip before, during, and after the soldering task.

Weller makes excellent and substantial soldering stations. There soldering pen is very comfortable holding in hand. Heats up to max temp in 3 seconds, motion sensor, and most importantly, temperature consistency and stability.

The soldering iron Tip gets oxidized. They must be clean regularly or maybe replaced if permanently damaged. To check more Weller soldering iron tip click the button.

How To Choose a Soldering Iron Tip?

Soldering Tips have different geometry, selecting of best soldering iron tip based on your application, based on what you solder and the area of soldering. An easy rule of choosing a soldering tip is that your point size should make 65-70% the width of the area you solder.

Tips For Hakko Soldering Irons:

10X 900M Soldering Iron Tips for HAKKO 936,937,907 Atten, Quick, Aoyue, Yihua, Vastar, Sywon, Tabiger, SOAIY and X-Tronic Soldering Station 

Hakko soldering iron tip
10X 900M Soldering Iron Tips
  • Pack includes 10pcs high quality universal 900m tips.
  • High-Quality Electroplated soldering iron tips.
  • Lead-free tips with 4mm bore.
  • These Tips Fits and perfect for:
    • HAKKO Soldering Station
    • Atten Soldering Station
    • Quick Soldering Station
    • Aoyue, Soldering Station
    • Yihua Soldering Station
    • Vastar Soldering Station
    • Sywon Soldering Station
    • Tabiger Soldering Station
    • SOAIY Soldering Station and
    • X-Tronic Soldering Station 

These are lead-free and come with pre-tinned tip heads. They come packaged in a sturdy Ziploc plastic sleeve. This set has all the different style tips for almost all the soldering stations you need for your soldering project. I recommend these soldering tips if they work with your iron.

SolderFun T18 Soldering Tips For HAKKO FX-888D FX-888 FX-8801 FX-600 (5 pcs tip set)

best soldering tips for hakko soldering statiion
SolderFun T18 Soldering Tips
  • Replacement and perfect tips to fit Hakko FX-888D FX-888 FX-8801 FX-600 tools.
  • High quality.
  • Pre-tinned.
  • Lead-pre electroplated tips.
  • These Tips Fits and perfect for:
    • Hakko T18 FX-888D
    • FX888
    • FX8801 Solder Iron Tip
    • Fits Ryobi 45W Hybrid soldering station
  • 5 x Solder tip(T18-BL, T18-S3, T18-D32,T18-D16, and T18-BR02)
  • These are Not HAKKO brand but best for Hakko soldering iron stations.

These are for a tiny SMD circuit board project as the original tip that came with Hakko is too big and could not place the tip between some of the small capacitors and resistors. The fit is perfect, and while it doesn’t get hot, it’s perfect for sensitive boards.

Hakko T18 Series Chisel Pack with T18-D08/D12/D24/D32/S3 Tips Model (Japan Import)

Chisel tips for soldering irons
Hakko T18 Series Chisel Pack
  • These are Hakko brand soldering iron tips.
  • Outstanding Quality.
  • All Hakko tips are pre-tinned with Lead-Free solder.
  • Pack of 5 different tips.
  • Tips size:
    • T18-D08 – 0.8 x 14.5mm(Perfect for working with small pins)
    • T18-D12 – 1.2 x 14.5mm(Perfect for components involved in beginner electronics)
    • T18-D24 – 2.4 x 14.5mm(Great for general electric work with medium-gauge wires or attaching larger modules to circuit boards)
    • T18-D32 – 3.2 x 14.5mm(It can be used for most general soldering applications.)
    • T18-S3 – 5.2 x 18mm(This is best for large parts with high thermal capacity, such as large glass soldering projects.)

These are Genuine HAKKO parts.

Hakko is famous for launching multi-purpose soldering irons and desoldering tools. Using the original best quality soldering iron tips will increase the efficiency of your soldering tool. The difference between the off-brand tips and this Hakko set is unbelievable. The tips hold the heat so much better and transfer it much quicker than my off-brand tips.

How To Find An Ideal Tip For The Task?

The most common tip is a chisel; most users like it due to its size, easy to use, and heat transfer. A conical tip is a thin tip and uses for the press harder to transfer heat.

The conical bent tip has the advantage over other tips due to its better angle approach and heat transfer, but it all depends on the area of soldering.

Tips For Atten, Quick, Aoyue, Yihua, Vastar, Sywon, Tabiger, SOAIY and X-Tronic Soldering iron Station:

Professional, Beginners, Hobbyists, and students use different kinds and brand soldering irons for small or heavy-duty. The tip is the essential part of soldering iron, which is easily oxidized or damaged due to overheating. They must be replaced after constant use for a perfect soldering job.

Tip Cleaning and Maintaining Items:

The soldering iron tip constantly heats up and cools during the soldering job. It is mostly made up of Copper, which easily reacts with air and gets oxidized. These oxides form a permanent hard layer that prevents the flow of heat to melt the solder.

To clean and maintain a soldering iron tip: click on How to clean and maintain a soldering iron tip.

Hakko 599B-02 Wire-type soldering iron tip cleaner

Hakko 599B-02 Wire-type soldering iron tip cleaner
Hakko 599B-02 Wire-type soldering iron tip cleaner

SRA Soldering Products Rosin Paste Flux #135 In A 2 oz Jar

SRA Soldering Products Rosin Paste Flux #135 In A 2 oz Jar
SRA Soldering Products Rosin Paste Flux #135 In A 2 oz Jar

Thermaltronics FBA_TMT-TC-2 Lead Free Tip Tinner

Lead Free Tip Tinner
Thermaltronics FBA_TMT-TC-2 Lead Free Tip Tinner

Hakko Iron Holder 633-01 (Japan Import)

Hakko Iron Holder 633-01 (Japan Import)
Hakko Iron Holder 633-01 (Japan Import)

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