Charging & Discharging Capacitor

A capacitor stores electrical energy in an electric field created between two conductive plates separated by a non-conductive material called the dielectric. To charge a capacitor, you need to supply a voltage difference across the plates. This creates an electric field and stores energy in the field. The charging process continues until the voltage across … Read more

Top 8 Best Soldering Iron For Automotive Wiring 2023

Automotive wire transmits signals throughout the vehicle as the human body transmits the blood and nerves. As the automotive industry is going up day by day and new technologies are introduced, electronic equipment needs to accommodate modern car requirements. Maintenance of every automotive wiring harness is pretty much necessary; To fulfill this requirement, we need … Read more

The Best ESR Tester 2023

Do you know ‘’ how much a lousy capacitor affects your electronic device?’’ Definitely, it does!! The main issue with the capacitor is its ‘’internal resistance’’. If it is greater than a particular value, it dissipates the electrical energy and does not transmit the current correctly. This defect can be checked with a meter known … Read more

Genuine and Fake Hakko Soldering Station 2023

The electronic market is full of different brands and quality soldering irons. The most challenging thing is selecting the best and genuine soldering iron for your professional hobbyists and learning tasks. One of the concerns with the Hakko Soldering station is that there are many fake Hakko Soldering stations in the market. Hopefully, you will … Read more

How To Choose The Best Soldering Iron 2023

A soldering iron is a hand tool mainly used for repairing, installation, and electronics assembly. It is available in the simple iron form, soldering iron station, cordless soldering iron, battery-powered soldering iron, and gas or butane soldering iron. All these soldering iron have different applications. Nowadays, the market is full of different brands soldering irons, … Read more

12 Best Soldering Iron For Jewelry 2023-By Resource Person

The jewelry-making process is time-consuming and needs acute precision in every detail added to the jewelry piece. You can solder jewelry using an open-flame torch or butane soldering iron, which can provide higher temperature, and do so with the best soldering iron for jewelry. The precise techniques required a professional jewelry soldering kit and depending … Read more

5 Best Soldering Iron For Guitar 2023

In the past, people use the traditional soldering irons for guitar pedals and electronics work; the real difficulty is holding the part you want to solder. Because of such shortcoming, people switch toward advanced and best soldering iron tools.Now all your guitar mods that involve soldering in 2023 are going to be much more comfortable. … Read more

COVID-19 And Best Soldering Iron 2023

Covid-19 has an impact on all world economies and industries. All types of businesses, schools, shops, cafes, restaurants, and industries were closed in this pandemic. Meanwhile, there was a high demand for food items, daily usage items, and other necessary items. There was a high demand for online shopping to reduce the risk of getting … Read more