Top 10 Weller Soldering Iron 2022-By Professional


For over 70 years, Weller has been a name trusted by soldering professionals. Weller tools are used in manufacturing, instrumentation, repairs, electronics, HVAC, and many other enterprises. So if you ever need service on your Weller instrument, you know it will be done professionally.

That’s because every Weller tool is made to the same exacting quality standards. And for more than 20 years, that standard of quality has been ISO 9001 certified.

Weller is well known for making the best brand soldering Iron 2022; this brand continues to make electrical, gas, and battery-powered cordless soldering iron stations that you can find in the market.

In this guide, we have provided a list of the top ten soldering iron stations that are made from Weller so that you can go through them and buy the one you are interested in.

Here is the Table for the best Weller Soldering Iron Stations 2022.

Table Of Best Weller Soldering Irons 2022

S. NoWeller Soldering IronCheck Price & Detail
1.Weller WLC100 Soldering Station
2.Weller SP80NKUS Soldering Iron Kit
3.Weller WE1010NA  Digital Soldering Station
4.Weller WP35 Professional Soldering Iron
5.Weller W100PG Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron
6.Weller P2KC Professional Cordless Soldering Iron Kit
7.Weller BL60MP Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
8.Weller D650 Industrial Soldering Iron
9.Weller PSI 100K Cordless Butane Soldering Iron Kit
10.Weller D550PK Professional Soldering Gun Kit
Table Of Best Weller Soldering Iron 2022

Reviews Of Best Weller Soldering Iron 2022

weller wlc100 40-watt soldering station
40-watt Weller WLC100 Soldering Station

The Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Iron Station is a great tool to have around the house. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned expert or just a beginner who doesn’t know anything about soldering. The Weller WLC100 is for you.

Weller is well known for its products; this Weller station 2022 that is known as WLC100 comes at the top of this list due to its performance; this is one of the best Weller Soldering Station that you can use for DIY projects, professional, hobbyist, and electronic circuit boards.

The WLC100 is featuring a power source that can be accurately adjusted to the required power by just turning a knob. This station will allow you to choose the best precise setting from the station for each job on which you are working so that you can get the best results.

This station is capable of producing temperatures up to 900°F so that you can use the required temperature to handle any soldering projects; with this product you can work properly. This station comes with a certified Weller ST3 iron-plated copper tip that is used to keep the temperature constant while you are working on a project.

The pencil that is used to melt the material is made from iron; this lightweight iron features a cushioned foam grip handle to grip the pencil. This is done for ensuring that you can work comfortably on the soldering stations.

Weller ST tips are constructed in a way that they are made from solid copper and then they are plated with iron along with nickel and chromium so the tip stays safe from corrosion and solder to creep.


  • Cushioned foam handle grip
  • 40 Watt power source
  • Iron plated copper tip
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight iron pencil


  • The power output does not exceed then 40Watts
  • A bit difficult for the right-hander due to the arrangement of the cord in this unit.

Weller Soldering Iron
40 Watt, and 80 Watt Weller SP80NKUS

Weller SP80NKUS LED soldering iron is the best soldering iron kit which is available is variable power watts, i.e., 15Watt, 25 Watt, 40 Watt, and 80 Watt. that is suitable soldering iron for a heat sink, ground plane, metal art, plumbing, jewelry, audio system, and automotive.

The soldering gun is a high-performance LED soldering gun so that you can work with it comfortably. This iron has a power source of 15/25/40/80 watts that can heat the tip to 900-Degree °F.

The tip is designed in a triangular shape so that you can have maximum control on the tip along with this the handle is circular so that you can easily rotate the tip.

Besides this; the product has a 10mm iron tip stand so that it can be held properly.


  • High-performance soldering iron.
  • LED to work accurately.
  • Co-molded soft-grip handle.
  • Triangular area for the tip.
  • Iron tip stand


  • LED produces reflection on the shiny surface.
  • Dim LED lights
Weller Soldering Iron
Weller WE1010NA Soldering Station

This digital soldering iron station has a power wattage of 70watts and can be easily adjusted according to the required temperature. There are two types of this product; one comes in 5 pieces set and the other in 8 pieces set.

It is easy to handle this soldering station due to the heat-resistant silicone cable for safe handling. It performs temperature stability; however, it has temperature lock protect tips and components.

This unit includes cutting-edge features as intuitive navigation. It has various setting features that you can use so that you can protect the station and yourself. It has all the basic accessories that are required to perform this process.

It comes with a We 1 station along with a Wep 70 tip retainer, one Wep 70 iron. Along with this, there are some more parts that you need to perform the soldering.


  • 40% faster working
  • Easy to handle
  • Temperature stability
  • Cutting edge features
  • This station includes accessories.


  • It cannot be used for stained glass projects.
Weller Professional Soldering Iron
Weller WP35 Professional Soldering Iron

The Weller WP35 is one of the best products for Weller soldering iron 2022. This unit works on a power source of 35 watts. This Weller station is under $50 and not as costly as the other stature in the market.

It works on a corded electric power source; besides this, it is the leading manufacturer of high-quality tools. It is made to perform the types of jobs that need a large amount of work. This product is used by the expert due to its high-quality output.

This 35-watt soldering iron produces heat up to 850 F and works on 120 volts.

If you are a professional worker and you have a lot of work to do; then this station is the best choice that you can found in the market.


  • Durable
  • Easy to handle
  • An ideal for a wide variety of electronic tools
  • Double-coated iron plated-tips


  • Not easy to use
  • There is a switch to regulate temperature

Weller Heavy Duty Soldering Iron
Weller W100PG

If you in the stained glass art field, professional, or hobbyist then this soldering iron of Weller is for you, you know that there is really no other name like Weller in the field of soldering iron.

This product is designed in a way that it is lightweight so that it can be easy to handle the iron to make the perfect joints. Besides this; this soldering iron works on an AC power source. This source is used to heat the iron to 700 degrees which in turn is used to melt the solder.

Safety is guaranteed while you are using this iron; the closes-loop method is used to control the maximum tip temperature so that you and your station remain safe. There are three tips that can be used to control the temperature to 600, 700, or 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

With the nichrome wound heating element the maximum temperature of the tip can be obtained in less than 10 minutes. In this way, you can work more in just a short range of time. This quality is not present in many of the irons.

This product is money-back guaranteed; means that if you are not satisfied then you can simply return the iron and you will have your refund. Besides this, this soldering station is portable.


  •  Safe to use
  •  Different temperature controls
  •  Efficient
  •  Portable
  •  Money-back guaranteed


  • No temperature control system
  • Takes a long time to cool

Weller cordless soldering iron
Weller P2KC Professional Gas Soldering iron

This self-igniting cordless butane Weller soldering iron kit is the most useful tool for small electrical soldering tasks and is great for wood burning. It is reliable and runs for a long time.

This iron is designed to be lightweight so that it can be handled easily. It comes with a 6 piece kit that has an internal power source. It gets its power from cordless butane; besides this, it starts with a push button.

It heats up instantly the iron tip and also cools down quickly. The gas amount allows up to one hour of continuous use and can be refilled in less than 20sec so that you continue your task without any delay.


  • Lightweight
  • Refill in less than 20 sec
  • Can be used as a flame torch
  • Good control of the butane flow rate
  • Indicate the remaining gas volume


  • Small gas tank
  • For small work
  • comes with no gas

Battery Powered soldering Iron
Rechargeable Weller BL60MP Soldering Iron

Weller BL60MP soldering iron is a compact, portable, and cordless soldering iron with a rechargeable Li-ion battery. This is ideal for soldering micro components, electronic and low voltage wiring.

The temperature reaches 536°F/280°C, solder melting point in 35 seconds, and goes up to 950F. This is not recommended for temperature or static sensitive devices.

This cordless best soldering iron comes along with 1 soldering iron,1 conical shape tip,1 base charger with tool stand, 1 plug-in power supply, and an owner’s manual.

You can work for 45 minutes with a fully charged battery; then you have to recharge the iron before working again. The tip that is installed works properly on all the metals and you can perform soldering with ease.


  •  Comfortable handle
  •  Easy to replace the battery
  •  Cordless
  •  Rechargeable battery


  • Temperature can not be adjust
  • No iron stand
Weller D650 Soldering Gun

This dual heat Weller D650 soldering gun is designed as an industrial product; you can use it on everything from the automotive, trailer, OPE, and motorcycle repair, to household wiring, fixes.

The gun produces a power of 200-300 watts so that it can heat the iron tip instantly. The temperature ranges from 900 to 1100 °F, It heats up in only 6 sec. It has a pistol; grip design with a fingertip trigger.

The pistol grip design helps you to have a good grip on the gun so that you can work accurately. Along with all this, there are soldering, cutting, and smoothing tips that come with the gun.


  •  Dual-heat gun
  •  Fingertip trigger
  •  Different tips
  •  For hobbyist, technician, and DIY
  •  2-wire cord


  • Not for small scale work
  • Not cool quickly
Cordless Butane Soldering Iron Kit
Cordless Weller-PSI100K Soldering Iron Kit

Weller is not famous only for the soldering iron station but it also produces a good quality cordless butane soldering iron kit too and Weller PSI 100k cordless soldering kit is one of them.

The butane gas soldering iron kit is ideal for professionals for such uses as anti-static soldering, heat shrink, and cutting rope. The weight of the item is 7.2 ounces; therefore it can be handle easily.

This product has a cordless power source; the self-igniting cordless butane produces the power to heat the tip of the iron so that soldering can be done. It has 2 kit options; a single piece or a 6 pieces kit.

It has a power of up to 125 watts with an adjustable temperature of up to 1076 F. This product is designed to meet the expectations of the professionals so that you can work properly.


  • Easy to use
  • Visible gas volume
  • Lightweight
  • Withstand large amount of work
  • Design for heavy-duty


  • Could not give you the exact temperature
  • Buy the butane separately
weller soldering iron
Weller D550PK Soldering Gun Kit

Weller is one of the best brands soldering iron; they have produced quality products, Weller D550PK is one of the best Weller soldering iron guns for heavy-duty, professional, hobbyists, and perfect for DIY projects.

It has a dual heat gun that produces 200 or 260 watts of heat. It heats up in on 6 sec. The temperature ranges up to 1100F. It requires a 120-volt input voltage to operate.

The 2 clear front-facing torches help you to work clearly with the iron gun. Once it is heated to the max you can start working with it.

The Weller soldering Kit comes with the following parts:

  • Flux Brush
  • 2 wire code
  • Carrying case
  • Lead-free solder coil.
  • Tips( Soldering, smoothing, and wire cutting)


  •  Easy to use
  •  In 6 seconds you can use the gun
  •  Heavy-gauge tin-plated tip
  •  2 front-facing torches
  •  Easy to handle the iron


  •  For large soldering, burning, and cutting jobs only

Buying Guide of Best Weller Soldering Iron 2022

Weller the industry standard for quality soldering equipment. Top-quality at a very good price. They prepare different soldering irons for different tasks.

After research and spending some time on the Weller soldering iron we find out that will purchase Weller soldering iron the most important factors to consider while buying an iron are:

1. Power Wattage:

The most important factor to consider while buying a Weller Soldering Iron is Wattage because if you purchased the wrong wattage soldering iron for your task it will not only waste your money, time may also damage your item.

  • 20 – 60 Watts is best for electronics
  • 20 – 40 DIY projects
  • 50 Watts will provide sufficient heat for circuit board.

Lower power wattage soldering iron lose heat easily and produce cool solder joints which is a common problem in soldering.

2. Temperature:

While buying the best soldering iron temperature is also the main factor to be counted. Nowadays different soldering iron stations comes with a variable temperature system, which enables the user to adjust the temperature of the tip.

We recommend buying such a digital or analog soldering iron station which has highly variable power control.

3. Tip size and Shape:

The most important part of the soldering iron is the tip. Its main function is to transfer heat and to melt the solder.

There are different types(Conical, Chisel, tapered, and pyramid) and quality of tips. If you do not use the required and quality tip, it will affect the soldering process and will damage your circuit board and other items.

Our recommendation for tips:

  • use proper tip for the required task
  • interchangeable tips
  • quality tips

4. Brand

Many popular electronic brands, like Weller, produce soldering iron which is durable and high quality for potential buyers. We highly recommend Weller and its products.


All the products that are manufactured by Weller are of good quality and the soldering irons which are listed in the above reviews are all highly recommended.

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